What is personalisation software and where is it used?
It is software that allows a website user to create their own product by any combination of uploading an image, writing text or modifying an existing design or template. It is used on ecommerce websites to take orders and create artwork for companies selling personalised products. View our examples sites gallery to see where it is currently used

Why is Easycreate3D different from other personalisation software?
Because all the products are available in 3D. You can move them with your mouse and explore them from any angle once you have uploaded your artwork or added your text

What is a template and how do they work?
Templates are added to the products to add a specification for what personalisation is alloed on a product. You can create your own templates for any available product

What Products are available?
There are currently over 3000 products available from leading personalised product suppliers but new products are added every day to our 3D product range – take a look at the products page to find out the latest additions. I

Can I upload my own templates or designs?
Yes – we can either create the templates for you based on designs supplied or you can do the full process yourselves. All that is required is a knowledge of an artwork package and access to our admin panel

Can I embed on my existing website for my customers to use ?
Yes – that is the main idea of personalisation software – it can be embedded into almost any website or we can create a bespoke magento website for you

Will it work with my existing shopping cart?
Yes – as long as your existing shopping cart can support variables being passed from Easycreate3D – we aready written a magento extension

What image types are supported?
We currently support jpeg, gif, png, bmp, eps, pdf & psd

How do I pay?
All payment plans are month-to-month. Payments must be made by direct debit, credit card or standing order.

Does it create print ready artwork?
Yes – artwork is created in the software backend ready for printing

How do we add our own products?
Once you have your user account, simply navigate to the “Add New Products” section
Here you will be able to upload the 6 photographs we need to create the 3D model. See our photography guide for more details. Alternatively we can arrange the product photography for you

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